GTA V Title Update v1.09


Happy belated new year’s all! GTA V recently got a new title update and the exact details are listed below:

  • Players now have the option to accept or decline money.

  • Players searching for missions by choosing “Quick Job > X type of job,” will be placed in X type of job. For example, if Billy Bob searches for a “mission,” he will be placed in a co-op mission, not a capture, TDM, or versus mission.
  • Improved matchmaking for ‘capture’ gamemodes when a player searches for a ‘capture’ match in “quick job.”
  • Player’s blip will turn red on the free roam radar when they have a bounty
  • Players can choose whether to join a Bad Sport lobby or the current lobbies. If the player destroys other players’ personal vehicles in the bad sport lobby, they are protected from points being added to their bad sport record. Players who voluntarily enter bad sport lobbies can leave bad sport lobbies for normal lobbies when they feel like it.
  • Players who CHOOSE to go to a bad sport lobby will NOT have to wear the dunce cap. Players can join their friend who is a bad sport in a bad sport lobby.
  • Decrease the amount of points needed for bad sports, meaning we lower the hypothetical limit from lets say 10 cars to 5 cars. (Remember, if you feel like going on a rampage destroying cars, you can CHOOSE to go to bad sports lobby and return once you get the rage out of your system.)
  • Players in Bad Sport lobbies who were INVOLUNTARILY PLACED in the lobby can NOT choose their lobbies, they will have to stay in Bad Sports until their time is up.
  • The Bad Sport lobby is renamed to “Anarchy” lobby.
  • Tanks have less protection from players purposely trying to send them to bad sports. (the tanks now have a choice to go to a bad sport lobby and go on their griefpage.)
  • The minigun only loses 10% of the maximum possible ammo count instead of all ammo if the player dies while using the gun.
  • Players can choose to make their mechanic ‘happier’ by paying him extra in daily mechanic fees. In return, he will be more likely to deliver your car to you and he will not mind as much if you keep calling him to bring your cars to you.
  • Players can only use the “Reveal Players” function once every 5 minutes.
  • “Reveal Players” time is decreased by 50% of the default.
  • Players can now call Lester to be immune from “Reveal Players,” for a ‘small fee’ of course.

Update (11 January 2014)

  • Improved anti-cheat measures
  • Fix for several GTA$ and RP exploits