Grand Theft Auto: The Official Trailer; Now Live!


As promised, below is the latest and appears to be launch GTA V trailer featuring final build footage. (GTA V is finished development and is being prepared and shipped to retailers soon.)


Inside the ‘Grand Theft Auto V’ Soundtrack;

gta-v-header-logo SMALL has posted a new and interesting article highlighting the GTA V soundtrack. They recently spoke with Rockstar’s soundtrack supervisor, Ivan Pavlovich.

A great bit of information mentioned in the interview pertaining to V’s soundtrack include:

We have 15 radio stations, two talk radio stations, 240 licensed songs, and somewhere in the proximity of 20 movies worth of score. It’s the largest soundtrack that we’ve done, and the largest score that we’ve done.

Be sure to read the full article here.

Included in the article are the logos of several confirmed radio stations: Rebel Radio, West Coast Classics, East Los FM and Vinewood Boulevard Radio featuring modern rock tunes.

GTA V: The Official Trailer; Coming Thursday!

Rockstar Games have confirmed the latest official GTA V trailer. The latest trailer which is most likely GTA V’s launch trailer will drop this Thursday (Friday morning in these parts). Rockstar has not confirmed a time, but it is an educated guess to assume, the trailer will launch at a similar time to that of the other released trailers.

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The Official trailer will go live on 29 August 2013 at 11am Eastern (30 August at 1am and 3am in Sydney and Auckland respectively.)

Rockstar also said:

Also look for it to debut on TV this Sunday night during Breaking Bad.

GTA V New Collector’s and Special Edition Details and Screens

gta-v-header-logo SMALL

With the release of GTA V etching ever closer, Rockstar has revealed new info and screens concerning the exclusive Special and Collector’s editions.

Rockstar summarised the exclusive content as follows:

Additional Weapons

Regardless of which version you’ve chosen, your local Ammu-Nation will always be stocked with a pair of special firearms at no additional cost that also have their own unique customization options, skins and attachments – the .50 Caliber Pistol and the Bullpup Shotgun. You’ll also have access to the Hammer, which acts as a brutal melee weapon.

Bonus Outfits, Tattoos and More

When visiting any shops around Los Santos and Blaine County, Michael, Franklin and Trevor will receive a special 20% discount along with access to special items either in their personal wardrobes or from stores. Each character will receive 1 outfit each, one article of clothing (shirt, hoodie and jacket) each, a special haircut, facial hair look and tattoo.


The Khamelion electric car. Exclusive to the Collector’s Edition and to be utilised in Grand Theft Auto Online.


Additional wardrobes


CarbonRS sports bike

Custom Characters for Grand Theft Auto Online (Collector’s Edition only)

GTA Online introduces a new spin on traditional character creation with the hereditary-based creation system. Select your character’s appearance by choosing your parent’s heritage, then use the gene dominance meter to dial-in which parent your appearance favors more. Additionally, you’ll customize your character’s daily activities – everything from family time to illegal work and sports to couch potato hours all have an impact on your character’s appearance and skill set (and you can always rank up your skill stats more via gameplay). As part of the Collector’s Edition package, you’ll get Niko Bellic, along with both Claude and Misty from Grand Theft Auto III to use as parent options within the character creation system.

Special Ability Boost

Michael, Franklin and Trevor each have a their own unique Special Ability, which can be activated once each of them fills up the Special Ability bar based on various actions. Michael is an expert marksman – his Special Ability slows down time in a gunfight allowing him to pick off his targets with greater ease. Franklin is a skilled driver with sharp reflexes – his Special Ability lets him slow down time while driving any road-based vehicle, allowing him to quickly navigate through traffic with ease and take corners at high speeds. Trevor is a drug-addled sociopath with a short fuse – his Special Ability sends him into a rage, causing double damage to enemies while only taking half as much damage himself when hit. With the boost that’s included in both the Special and Collector’s Editions, the Special Ability bar will generate 25% faster.

Stunt Plane Trials

Take in Los Santos and Blaine County at breakneck speeds in the Grand Theft Auto V Stunt Plane Trials. In five thrilling and unique challenges, you’ll zip through mountains, deserts, oceans, and cities as you navigate through a maze of checkpoints, each placed to push your Stunt Plane to the limit. Completing each Trial will improve the piloting skill of your character. Compare your times with friends and vie for the top spot on the leaderboard.

Unique Vehicles and Garage Property (Collector’s Edition only)

The Collector’s Edition also features an exclusive garage to store custom vehicles, that comes stocked with the CarbonRS sports bike and the Hotknife – an open frame 1930’s style hotrod. In Grand Theft Auto Online your garage and the high-end Khamelion electric car, which is specific to GTA Online, are both purchased through in-game websites accessed through your Online character’s cell phone.

Grand Theft Auto V will be available in 3 weeks! 17 September 2013. Be sure to visit RockstarLasia for the latest in GTA V news.

GTAV Official Site Update; New Screens and Artwork

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Rockstar have updated their official GTA V website and said the following:

The Los Santos & Blaine County Visitors’ Travelogue has now been updated with three new areas of recreational activity to browse as you prepare for your West Coast holiday next month:

Exclusive Country Clubs

A lush golf course in the desert? Is it a mirage? No, it’s a byproduct of sensible water usage so that the well-heeled can hit the links at the exclusive Los Santos Country Club. Come rub shoulders and tee off with the privileged and pompous.

 Local Artisans

Visit one of our local tattoo parlors like Ink Inc or Blazing Tattoo and let one of the talented and highly-trained artists help you make a decision that will last forever.

Serenity & Wellness

Whether it’s the Downward Dog pose or the more advanced Dropping Fire Log, there are many fulfilling and compromising positions you can contort yourself into with the help of an expert like Master Private Yoga Instructor, Fabien LaRouche.

Below are screen caps of the updated websites as well as new screens and artwork (GTA Online and the new Trevor mural). Enjoy!

Screens and Artwork

For different formats and sizes of the artwork, please visit Rockstar’s Official Art and Downloads section.