New GTA V Screens; The Fast Life

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Rockstar Games have released a slew of new GTA V screens entitled “The Fast Life”.

Furthermore they said the following: “Stay tuned for much more details and media from the game in August including the first proper unveiling of Grand Theft Auto Online.”

Stay tuned to RockstarLasia but for now enjoy the new screens below!



GTA 5 o’clock: EXCLUSIVE Interview with Rockstar North; New Details!

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In this week’s episode the guys at CVG’s GTA 5 o’clock, had a rather exciting announcment. This is it – An exclusive interview with Rockstar North’s Imran Sarwar, Producer and Lead Mission Designer on GTAV.

If you do not have to time to listen to the whole interview, a handy summary is provided below:

  • Custom cars that you can no longer drive (for example if its tyres have been shot out) will no longer disappear – instead they will be taken to an impound lot. You can pay a fine to retrieve your vehicle.
  • You don’t lose weapons if they run out of ammo, they stay with you for the duration of the game.
  • Hand-to-hand and melee combat has also received a huge overhaul. There is now no need to lock on to an enemy and it will feel a lot more free flowing.
  • “Hits are much more satisfying” and “you can really feel the crunch”
  • Each character has unique fighting animations
  • Your strength stat for each character affects your capability when fighting
  • Your shooting stat affects how steady your aim is, how much ammo you can carry
  • Destruction/damage has been greatly improved and there are plenty more destructive scenes
  • You will be able to shoot a vehicle’s gas tank, drive the car into a group of enemies, then run away then set the trail of petrol on fire to blow up the car and enemies
  • AI react to how you play, and different enemies will work differently (SWAT will be organised, attempt to flank etc. while gang members will be more gung ho and disorganised)
  • Climbing has been improved considerably
  • You’ll be able to position the three protagonists in fire fights (make one a sniper, another providing cover etc.)

Credit – The GTA Place (summary)

GTA V Official Gameplay Video; Now Live!

Last week Rockstar Games stated in their latest Q&A that we would be receiving a video featuring gameplay footage, soon. Rockstar had not previously shown any gameplay footage of a GTA before release other than several short videos before San Andreas was released in 2004.

Starting with Red Dead Redemption, Rockstar released gameplay videos featuring an explanation of new mechanics to be found in the titles upon release.

GTA has now officially followed suit.

Enjoy the video below!


GTA V Official Gameplay Video Coming Tomorrow; Tuesday 10am Eastern Time!


That’s right, we are edging ever closer and closer to GTA V’s release and with that Rockstar Games have confirmed the release date of the first gameplay video of GTA V…coming tomorrow at 10am eastern!

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