GTA V Box Art being painted in Manhattan (In Progress)!

In typical Rockstar fashion, GTA V’s box art has been revealed (I am sure unintentionally…or am I) in Manhattan, New York.

The “reveal” has not taken place at Rockstar headquarters, rather via a in progress mural being painted.

Rockstar will most likely be revealing the official box art sometime soon considering this broad-daylight-leak.


Rockstar officially confirmed the box art painting as well as some other exciting news:



Progress is taking place and a new piece of art, featuring a jet ski is now visible!


Credit: GTA TOWN, GTA Forums


New GTA V Screens – Sunsets, Seas, Skies and So On…!

After 2 months of complete silence, Rockstar games have released 10 new screens.

The level of detail is astonishing and Rockstar responded to the dumbfounded masses who showed disbelieve as to the fact that these screens ARE current-gen by stating:

“These screens are from the current generation of consoles.”

Enjoy the new screens below and expect to hear more soon, now that the silence as been broken.