New GTA V artwork spotted at Gamestop!

GTAForums user FRA1Z3R, recently discovered a new yet-to-be released artwork at a recent visit to Gamestop.

The picture features Franklin on the run on a PCJ600 like bike. Interestingly the artwork also features a classic GTA helicopter. Could this helicopter be traditionally featured on the left hand side panel, when the official box art releases this week?

GTA V artwork Gamespot

GTA V new artwork Gamestop


GTA Vice City Coming to PSN Next week!

GTA Vice city PSN

After what is presumed to be a certification delay, GTA Vice city will finally be hitting PS3’s everywhere next week via PSN.

The original Grand Theft Auto: Vice City will arrive for download on PlayStation Network next week as part of their PS2 Classics collection – on Tuesday, January 29th in North America and Wednesday January 30th in Europe, for $9.99 / €9.99 / £7.99.

Furthermore stay tuned to RockstarLasia as GTA V’s long awaited box art (and hopefully release date) will finally be unveiled within the next 6 days. Could it be tomorrow?? We shall see.

Max Payne 3 Deathmatch Made in Heaven DLC Pack Now Available


Today Rockstar released the 4th and final DLC pack for Max Payne 3.

The Deathmatch Made in Heaven DLC Pack brings four all-new co-op and competitive modes to the realm of Max Payne 3 Multiplayer, a host of new close-combat weapons, plus Items, Achievements and more.

The DLC Pack is now available for 800 Microsoft Points on Xbox LIVE and $9.99 for PC players in North America. The pack is also $9.99 for the PS3 in America, however it will only be available in Europe (PS3) on the 30th of January 2013.


Dead Man Walking 2 Player Co-Op Mode
Fight endless waves of enemies as Max and Passos – using teamwork and skill to earn Grit and open up new areas of the map as well as weapons, weapon attachments, painkillers and ammo. See how long you can fend off the bloodthirsty onslaught and rack up big points.
Run & Stun Mode
This all-new competitive multiplayer mode casts one random player in the role of the diabolical Saci, Captain Baseball Bat Boy’s nemesis – using superior strength, unlimited stamina, and a deadly combination of the new Stun Gun and a weighty melee attack to try and turn all the other players to his side.
Marked Man Mode
This vendetta-fueled take on Max Payne 3’s Deathmatch mode awards extra points for successfully exacting revenge on adversaries as well as surviving Vendettas placed on you by other players.
Time Attack Mode
Rack up the kills before time runs out in the new Time Attack Deathmatch mode, where taking out multiple targets within a short period of time will earn you considerable bonus points.
The Deathmatch Made in Heaven Pack also includes the new single-player Challenge Arcade Mode – keeping you on your toes and putting your skills to the test across each level of the game’s story with impromptu challenges like registering headshots, dispatching enemies with explosive kills or any number of direct objectives.
For more details on all these modes plus the new close-combat WeaponsItemsUnstoppable Burst,Grinds and in-game accomplishments, check out the official Deathmatch Made In Heaven page at the Max Payne 3 site.We’ve also added the above original illustration of Max and Passos’ Hoboken standoff to our collection of official Max Payne 3 artwork at the Rockstar Downloads page in all the customary sizes and formats.
The Deathmatch Made in Heaven Pack is now available everywhere on Xbox LIVE and PC, as well as PSN in North America (it will also be available to PS3 players in Europe on January 30th).

New Patrick Brown art; GTA V – The Standoff

Popular artist Patrick Brown has unveiled his GTA V masterpiece. Patrick’s new work features GTA V’s three protagonists Trevor, Franklin and Michael as well as  Franklin’s cute and fluffy puppy, Chop.

We are edging ever closer to V’s official box art reveal, but while you wait in the home stretch, enjoy Patrick’s piece of art below:


Grand Theft Auto Box Art: From the Beginning to the Present

In anticipation of GTA V’s box art reveal later this month, it is most opportune to present to you, the various incarnations and designs of GTA box art from the very beginning in 1997 to the “Complete Edition” of GTA IV from several years ago.

Do you think the cover revealed will feature the classic “GTA squares” design or will Rockstar go for something new. Let us know!

For now please enjoy this trip down memory lane and stay tuned for Grand Theft Auto V’s cover reveal in the near future.

More Original GTA V Artwork; “Unveiling of the game’s official cover later this month”

With 2013, comes many a festive treat. Rockstar, several hours ago, released high quality versions of existing artwork that you may have seen in video game shops and on the internet in general over the last few months.

Even more interesting are the following words:

Stay tuned for lots more ahead, including more artwork and the unveiling of the game’s official cover later this month.

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While there are clearly no patterns when it comes to GTA information, back in 2008 however, GTA IV’s final release date was officially announced at the end of January 2008. Could we see the box art/cover reveal coupled with an official release date for April/May 2013? It is very likely and we will all be keeping a close eye on the proceedings!


Rockstar also noted : You can also check out a complete repository of all GTAV screenshots released to date over at

Included was one brand new, never-before-seen screen, featuring Trevor lighting a pickup truck on fire: