GTA V Screens – Business

Carrying on the pattern from Monday and Wednesday, Rockstar Games revealed 4 new screens on Friday. They concluded with the following:

Hope you enjoyed this week’s 10 screenshot special from Grand Theft Auto V.

We will be back with some more to see in a few weeks or so.

So it appears we will be hearing more about GTA V in the next couple weeks, possibly starting with the October issue of Game Informer. Then again last month Rockstar, stated we would receive a trailer “when we (they) are ready” after more screens. True to their word we received new screens this week and thus the “more to see in a few weeks” could very well culminate with trailer #2. We shall see!

For now, enjoy the latest screens courtesy of our friends at Rockstar.






GTA V – Leisure Screens!

As promised, Rockstar released 3 new screens of GTA V entitled “Leisure”.

The game is looking phenomenal and it appears that we will either be able to play Tennis, parachute our way into the wilderness or race against others on a Sanchez. On the other hand, Rockstar’s NPC AI may have been updated so drastically that we will see pedestrians partake in the above too.

Furthermore GTA V’s official website has 3 more open spaces after today’s screens, so we should be getting even more soon.

Check out the screens below and hopefully we will be hearing something more concrete regarding V’s release date in the coming weeks!




3 NEW GTA V Screenshots released, “More to come this week…”

After being surprised with a couple GTA V screenshots last month, Rockstar has done it again. Entitled “Transport”, these 3 new screens come on a day that no one predicted or expected (amongst the countless conspiracy theories), and Rockstar are even promising more sooner than you may think, as they stated:

Thanks for the love on today’s screens, all. More screens will be coming later this week.

Furthermore the official GTA V website has been updated to reflect all the screens released so far and even has 3 empty spaces for the additional screens to be released “later this week”

According to Rockstar’s patterns, the screens will arrive on Thursday in the US and Europe and early Friday here in Australasia.


Bicycles are confirmed (and cyclist shorts) with the Pleasure Pier in the backdrop (Santa Monica pier in Los Angeles)


The Cheetah returns!


Another jet flying over the city at night, presumably next to the Vinewood logo, but who is that in the jet?! Yes the man on the balcony from the trailer (Ned Luke)

Stayed tuned to Rockstarlasia for new info, coming later this week!

Has Rockstar started GTA V’s marketing via viral marketing?

The Epsilon Program was originally set up by Rockstar (in 2004) for GTA San Andreas’ impending release, however the original website has recently added a twitter address:, which indicates Rockstar is most likely planning something with regard to GTA V.

We will have to wait and see folks, this appears to be the start of what we have all been waiting for, this is the calm before the storm (the storm in this case being a potential influx of positive news and media)

Stay tuned for any developments!