New Patrick Brown Art – Grand Theft Auto Legends 2012

It has been a satisfying year so far if you are a Rockstar Games fan. However since Max Payne 3’s release last month, news has been slow and the anticipation for new GTA V info has reached more than fever pitch.

So while it has been another slow news day, we have however been treated to yet another amazing piece of art by the GTA community artists-celeb, Patrick Brown.

I’ve been wanting to do my classic GTA legends for a while, I can’t believe it’s been 3 and a half years since my last one. SO here we go, I’ve got 10 protagonists here including Albert De Silva from the upcoming GTA V, they’re all just having a good time in (the new) San Andreas at Albert’s mansion on the hills of Vinewood… looks like Niko can’t handle how good GTA V looks compared to IV ;)

I couldn’t be more excited about this game! You can expect a lot of artwork from me based on GTA V :D

Here are the protagonists from left to right:
Toni Cipriani – Liberty City Stories
Claude Speed – GTA III
Carl Johnson – San Andreas
Niko Bellic – GTA IV
Victor Vance – Vice City Stories
Johnny Klebitz – Lost and Damned
Tommy Vercetti – Vice City
Luis Lopez – Ballad of Gay Tony
Huang Lee – Chinatown Wars
Albert De Silva – GTA V


If you like Patrick’s art, be sure to check out more of it here.